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The Story of InPeace UK

Founded in 2021

InPeace UK is a transformative Community Action Group that started back in 2021. We embrace a strategy of empowering the community from the ground up, facilitating activities and programmes that support communities, working with people with diverse ethnic heritage to make positive changes to local people, and advocating for change with a real impact.

What started as a local project in North London, quickly grew to encompass BME communities in South East London area. Together with our volunteers, allies, and partners, InPeace UK engages and mobilises resources to support BME communities in London, currently in North London and South London Boroughs. Get in touch to learn more about our mission and join our cause today.

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About Us: About Us

Our Mission

What We Are About

Our mission is to inspire and promote an understanding of mental and physical health within the BME communities in London. Join our community of activists as we work towards a better and more healthier community.

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Our Aims

Empowering the Community

  • To organise and facilitate social events for promoting social activities and interactions within the BME communities.

  • To develop communication network with the local health care facilities for vulnerable members of the community.

  • To actively advocate for uptake of vaccine and wearing of masks within the BME community.

  • To help support the vulnerable people in the community.

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Our Values & Beliefs

Empowering the Community

  • We respect everyone's experience. We ensure inclusion is at the heart of our work. We strive not to judge others.

  • We challenge stereotypes and discrimination against people who have experienced mental illness and distress.

  • We respects diversity and difference, believing that each individual is unique.

  • We strive to network and campaign for better mental health services for all.

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